Collection: Clothing Design

WITH LOVE is the first edition series of repurposed thrifted finds. Hand painted with bleach. No two images are the same, literally wearing a one of kind art piece.
My creative process begins with a meditation where I sit and connect to the inner wisdoms of our universe. Afterward I connect the essence of my meditation and energy into each painting session. Every design holds a different power infused into its fabrics. Wearing my clothing is like wearing a prayer and connection to the inner dimensions of our mysterious world. We all need support as we wander through life. We all know that sometimes the blessings we recieve are costumed in deep suffering and with this we all need active, daily awareness practices - This is why I make my art to share with you -  Let my clothing help you on a metaphysical level. May the prayers embued within each painting carry its message to you as you wear it around your body mind and spirit. Within each painting is a language speaking with energy. The same way a mantra is used to integrate patterns, my clothing carries its mantra of empowerment and self actualization. Each time you wear one of my designs, associate the meaning of its muse and know you are wearing its medicine around you. It brings me great purpose to help you connect & reunite with your inner power and ultimate omnipresent light.

I accept commissions as well! Please contact me for details!